John P. Contini Mediation Over Litigation Most problems in life can be resolved without a lawyer.
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Former Broward Judge John Contini
Should I look for an attorney or a mediator?

If You Or Someone You Love Is Facing a Distressing Situation...

Hi, I’m John Contini, my passion is and always has been, to genuinely help others in life, and to be an instrument of peace. You will find that I am accessible all the time, and fully committed to helping you, your family and friends to successfully and very quickly resolve any disputes, and to move on and enjoy a “fresh start” in life.

I have been on all sides of the equation from Assistant State Attorney (prosecutor), to trial lawyer (27 years) in the areas of criminal defense, personal injury, wrongful death, family law and civil rights litigation, and most recently as a Circuit Court Judge, so I can certainly relate to both sides in almost all cases.

Now that I have left my judicial position as a Circuit Court Judge, I’m now available to help families in my private practice as a Mediator, Business and Life Coach Consultant, Author and Author Rep/ghostwriter (I will write YOUR book!) — and when working closely with a recommended lawyer, I will help you and coordinate all Paralegal and Investigative Services.

“[John Contini] has helped me navigate some challenging times and some different conflicts...”

– Pastor James Welch 


John Contini's Service Areas

I’m unapologetic about helping you select the right lawyer for your unique situation, and for this kindness, I will NOT charge you a fee like the lawyer referral services will do — To save a lot of money, many people retain me as the Mediator in their case … OR, they decide to retain me to stay with a lawyer I recommend—to work closely with the lawyer, spearheading the paralegal and investigative services at a much lower rate than the higher rates charged by lawyers. This is always the client’s option or choice. The additional good news: I will ONLY connect you and your family with a very caring, competent, and affordable lawyer.


believe in one thing–that only a life lived for others is a life worth living.

– Albert Einstein

I believe in one thing–that only a life lived for others is a life worth living.

– Albert Einstein

I am convinced of the truthfulness of these principles:

What do we live for, if not to make life less difficult for each other – George Eliot

I will not charge you money or any referral fee when connecting you to kinder lawyers who will help you for less money— assuming you even need one.

I won’t participate or share in those lawyers’ reduced fees, if I do connect you with the lawyer. The skeptics and the jaded pessimists will cynically ask, “Then what’s in it for you?” That’s an easy one — the good feeling of being involved in a ministry or mission field of sorts, knowing I helped you or your loved ones who are hurting, ie, Christ Himself makes clear that “it’s more blessed to give, than to receive.” Solomon, 1000 years B.C., said it similarly: “A generous man will himself be blessed.” — Proverbs 22:9 … and it’s true:

I’m the one being blessed — even more than you, if I can help you get needed, affordable help by a kinder lawyer. Sometimes the lawyers refer mediation cases to me, and yes, that’s also a blessing to me, ie, although they are not expected to do this. There is no quid pro quo — it’s only that mutual respect we share. It’s also an absolute truth, what Einstein and George Eliot (Mary Ashton) are saying here: — John Contini, mediator, retired Circuit Court Judge

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I have known John Contini since he was 7 years old or so. We grew up together and remain friends now in the wiser years. He has always been a good man, with strong character. He can help you. – Jay Richards


It’s Not Only WHAT You Know… But WHO You Know.

During my law career I witnessed way too much pain. It made me want to serve people the best way I know how. If your case DOES require a lawyer, I’ll be happy to point you in the right direction. Connecting those who have a need with a competent, caring person who can help, is faster, more effective, and more affordable than any other method I’ve encountered.

I will not provide you with any legal advice, but as a former Judge, I, John Contini, will provide you instead with something more helpful and more valuable, and that is, HOW a Judge thinks, or best yet, WHAT your Judge will be looking for — and needing to see and hear, BEFORE ruling in your favor — and I’ll share this knowledge and judicial perspective with you.

My 35 years in the legal system as a judge and trial lawyer,

gave me the right contacts and experience to now be of help to you and your family.

I'll help you

Solve Your Problem More
Quickly & Affordably

Today, real direction is connection, and if you connect with me as your mediator... I’ll work tirelessly to help resolve your conflict in a much quicker and much more affordable, peaceful fashion... allowing you and your family to hang on to your savings!
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Popular Questions

A lawyer can only represent one party and will try to achieve the most favorable outcome for the party who hired them. A mediator spearheads the better "conflict resolution" approach to conflicts, to amicably resolve conflicts, acting as an objective and neutral third party, guiding both parties through the process, helping both sides come to a peaceful win-win agreement. 

Litigation and mediation reach outcomes in a different way. Mediation turns out to be far more cost-effective (lower fees), arrives at a peaceful and quicker resolution, there's more personal control and more privacy.

If you and the other party have a stake in an ongoing relationship, and if you think your dispute can be resolved peacefully without the need for a lawyer, then you should probably hire a mediator.

Whereas a lawyer will fight hard for only one party, a Mediator will instead listen intently and work tirelessly on behalf of both parties — like a judge might do at first, and then help both sides reach a compromise agreement, like a friendlier settlement of sorts, rather than fighting in court.

You can pay enormous money to your expensive lawyers over many months or sometimes years, to fight in court over the problem, or you can pay very little money to a mediator for a much quicker, peaceful solution — that’s always your choice, so choose wisely.

Absolutely. The cost of mediation is a fraction of the cost of litigation. Moreover, the cost of litigation is not only higher economically, but  it’s also emotionally depleting as well; and there are additional costs that are even more debilitating, e.g., lack of peace, profound stress, health issues, aging a decade almost overnight, etc.

Among the many benefits of mediation rather than litigation,
Mediation nets a much quicker resolution, while litigation goes on for years;
Mediation is voluntary and helps maintain relationships;
Mediation is amicable and peaceful;
Mediation is much less expensive, and very affordable. 

Mediation allows you to keep everything private and confidential, and this can be very important to your whole family or your business. This is a huge additional benefit of Mediation, whereas Litigation, i.e., paying lawyers to fight in court, is unfortunately public and allows the whole world to know your intimate lives or your business.