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Contini Solutions Led By Former Broward Judge John Patrick Contini Sends a Message: “Why Litigate When You can Mediate?”

Contini Solutions is an American multifaceted company steered by former Broward Judge John Patrick Contini, specializing in mediation services.

According to data sourced from Your Divorce Questions, it is estimated that 40-50% of all first marriages will end in divorce or permanent separation while 60-65% of second marriages will end in divorce. Contini Solutions is committed to whittling these numbers as low as possible.

Former Broward Judge John Patrick Contini sits at the helm of Contini Solutions. After spending decades as a practicing lawyer and a judge, John has seen a fair share of families torn apart by lawyers that deemed litigation more profitable. Former Judge John Patrick Contini points out that mediation is the best possible solution for families falling on hard times that are open for discussion. By assisting his clients to get through the process with the most desirable outcome, John Contini has helped dozens of families emerge stronger and firmer after mediation.

Aside from general mediation help, the former Broward Judge John Contini is also an expert in child custody mediation. John imparts that divorce can heavily impact any children in the family, especially the youngest ones. Mr. Contini is openly asking lawyers to “send each parent a Florida time-sharing Statute in advance of the mediation” or he will send the same information to each parent if no lawyers are involved. John seeks to help settle grievances between conflicting parties in the calmest, simplest way possible, striving to reconcile the parties:

“I help parents to finally make their peace and share their kids. I teach the parents about the MRI images of their kids’ developing brains, and what’s actually happening with the children, and how they are getting irreparably hurt, according to psychologists, and why the child will begin isolating and not going out for extra-curricular activities.”

Contini Solutions offers free consultation and lawyer matching services, but the main advantage it offers to its clients is John Contini’s services as a life coach. Former Broward Judge John Patrick Contini firmly believes that by changing the mindsets of his clients he can open the doors of opportunity to saving their marriages and families, stating:

“Over my career as a former trial lawyer and Circuit Court Judge, I witnessed way too much pain. It drove me to find a better way to serve people – whether by mediation or life coaching, i.e. more selfless ways that truly benefit the families in need. Life coaching helps us all in more affordable ways that prevent many of the problems from persisting or reoccurring in the future. I help hurting families and individuals by life coaching involving life issues unrelated to litigation,” said Contini.

John Patrick Contini is also a respected author. He channeled his experiences and emotions as a lawyer and judge into valuable life lessons, as divulged in “Danger Road” and “Feeling the Heat”.