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Former Broward judge and trial lawyer John Contini offers affordable, compassionate, and kind mediation for parental time-sharing

Former Broward judge and trial lawyer John Contini is offering affordable, compassionate, and kind mediation for parental time-sharing, helping families find peaceful child custody solutions at a fraction of the cost of litigation.

Based in Broward County, Florida, former Circuit Court Judge John Contini gained 30 years of experience as a practicing lawyer and circuit court judge before becoming an author, mediator, consultant, life coach, and founder of Contini Solutions. He specializes in divorce mediation and helping families find peaceful resolutions to their parental time-sharing issues.

“I help parents to finally “make” their peace and share their kids, ie, when one parent had previously not been able to see the kids at all — given the sad fact that the other parent simply had a much more powerful, effective lawyer. I teach the parents about the MRI images of their kids’ brains, and what’s actually happening with the children, and how they are getting irreparably hurt, according to all the psychologists — and why the child will begin isolating and not going out for any extra curricular activities, ie, soon withdrawing from others, why their academic performance is plummeting, etc. I simply explain exactly what all of the forensic psychiatrists are telling us, ie, the child knows that the parents will argue about “pick up and drop off“ or exchange times if they were to get involved with extra curricular activities — and when I’m done explaining to both the parents how they’re sadly and unwittingly harming their children, ie, sacrificing them on the altar of their resentment and hate for one another, they will then often start to emote and show empathy. I’ll then explain in a nonjudgmental way, that in fairness to them, they didn’t know they were hurting their kids to this extent … BUT … now that they DO know, would they like to talk with their lawyers or with me about sharing the time with their kids more evenly?” rationalizes John Contini.

Mediation over litigation
“Mediation over litigation, any day! We make peace in the family, while there is still money (savings) left over for the child to eventually go to college, rather than litigating for many more months paying serious money to the lawyers. Those same funds should pay for their own child’s college education, and not for the lawyers’ kids. I believe in mediation over litigation to help families find the peace they deserve, particularly where it concerns the issue of child custody. Mediation offers many advantages over litigation. First off, it’s quicker. You can expect your dispute over ‘time sharing’ with your children to be resolved within weeks as opposed to months or even years.”

“Secondly, mediation tends to be far less stressful versus the animosity and toxicity that litigation tends to spark, taking years off your life and pulling focus from other equally important matters in your life. Medical research also shows that the fall-out from a messy divorce can adversely affect your children’s emotional, academic, and social development.”

“As for the costs, it’s not even a close call. If you choose to litigate, you can expect to pay approximately $400 per hour to engage a qualified lawyer. That’s for each and every hour of your entire case. It’s not a stretch to say that filing a child custody suit will run you tens of thousands of dollars,” continues former Broward Judge John Contini.

“Mediation, on the other hand, is far more affordable, potentially saving you a tremendous amount of money, not least because compassionate mediators like myself charge a fraction of the typical hourly rate but also because mediation often secures an acceptable result within weeks. That’s money you can put towards your children’s future education or a family vacation.”

It was former judge John Contini’s mother who inspired the compassion that drives him to assist those who are hurting and in need of help.

“Most people cannot afford lawyers or expensive litigation. This understanding fuels my passion and empathy and dictates how and why I choose to help them regardless. I’ve been thankfully quite successful in helping families negotiate fair time-sharing solutions where mom gets to win, dad gets to win, and best of all, the children get to win by getting to spend more time with both parents,” concludes John.

In his clients’ words
The testimonials of former Broward Judge John Contini’s clients describe best how he has helped families face the challenges posed by custodial time-sharing to reach a resolution that is win-win for all parties concerned.