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Author and renowned Florida Mediator — Former Broward Circuit Court Judge John Contini Is Offering Ghostwriting Services to the Public: “It’s more fun than my trial lawyer days, or being a Judge.”

John Contini believes everyone has a story to tell and he would love to help bring that story to life.

After a notable career in the legal sector, former Broward Judge John Contini is looking set to conquer yet another field of endeavor. The distinguished legal luminary wants to help people who desire to author books with practical ways of doing so. According to John, people can take advantage of this offer by either hiring him to ghostwrite their books for them, or with them. Whatever the choice, John promises to help them tell their story and deliver a work of art that can hold its place on any shelf.

John Contini’s ghostwriting service includes seven practical steps that are easy to follow:

  • Step 1 – Client spends approximately ten minutes a day sharing their thoughts and experiences with John who jots them down for later rewriting.
  • Step 2 – John adds transitional sentences between paragraphs while doing copious amounts of rewriting. This does not require the use of an outline.
  • Step 3 – Using the ‘show, not tell’ technique, there are recreations of scenes to bring the characters to life.
  • Step 4 – An optional step that involves first writing ‘in pieces’ and then connecting those pieces with transitional paragraphs.
  • Step 5 – This step entails the inclusion of brutal honesty into the writings.
  • Step 6 – Here comes the creative rewriting and the addition of extra thoughts andexperiences that the client remembers.
  • Step 7 – A commitment to writing half a page each day that leads to the final production of the book in a year.

Former Broward Judge John Contini brings with him immense experience in the ghostwriting niche having authored two books himself with another on the way. His first book Danger Road: A True Crime Story of Murder and Redemption chronicles the captivating courtroom drama of three drug dealers who were brutally murdered in 1983 on a lonely stretch of dirt road – ironically named Danger Road, in the Florida Everglades. Contini who was a trial lawyer then had a front row seat as he defended Gilbert Fernandez, Jr., the former Miami-Dade police officer once named Miami’s Meanest Cop. John Contini gives readers a unique insider perspective on the mindsets of both a defense attorney in a capital murder case and a defendant who had become a completely different person by the time of his trial. Danger Road also reveals details about the influence of the media on the trial, and the biased judge and prosecutors who were hell-bent to send Fernandez to the chair. By ripping the lid off the behind-the-scenes machinations of our legal system, one of the author’s goals was to cause readers to take another look at the way justice is dispensed in our society.

Contini states, “This riveting, real life drama cannot be easily forgotten. The events chronicle my actual trials as a criminal defense lawyer – before election to Circuit Court Judge – as well as the true crime and redemption stories I lived … all of which gave me the experiential wisdom (born of pain and loss too), that serves to help me today in my role as a peacemaker in mediation.”

Former Judge John Contini’s second book Feeling the Heat: An Interrogation of the Soul is an inspirational true story that begins with betrayal and deception, moves to addiction and recovery, and closes with faith, redemption, reuniting with family and love – another true crime and crossover faith story of second chances from the God of second chances! A federally- indicted client and former friend chose to ‘wear a wire’ for a couple of rogue federal agents, while targeting Contini for indictment to minimize his own prison exposure. “This painful time in my life was actually used of God to bring me closer to Him – a prodigal son experience that will not be forgotten. What they meant for bad, God meant for good.”

In addition to being a ghostwriter, Former Judge John Contini is a mediator and owner of a mediation firm called Contini Solutions. Through his company, John offers the general public mediation services in areas like real estate, insurance, immigration, financial situations, construction, home improvement, recovery/addiction, and all kinds of legal matters.

People who have used his mediation services have had only good experiences to report. This is why it is not out of place to see reviews like “Contini Solutions is a place that truly cares about helping people,” and “I want to thank you, John Contini, for being who you truly are: A man with a heart for helping people who NEED help.”

Danger Road can be purchased here while Feeling the Heat can be bought here.

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