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Former Broward Circuit Judge John Patrick Contini Brings Three Decades of Legal Experience into the Mediation Sector

John Contini has founded Contini Solutions to offer affordable and excellent mediation services to the public.

Former Broward Circuit Court Judge John Patrick Contini has successfully taken on a new role as “Mediator” in many Florida pending cases.  After a long and illustrious career as a renowned trial lawyer and former Circuit Court Judge, Contini founded Contini Solutions, the successful mediation firm that is already known as far more affordable and solely dedicated to providing all victims and the general public with mediation services. Circuit Judge John Contini brought a wealth of experience garnered from his 30-year legal career into this new role. “I have been on all sides of the equation from Assistant State Attorney (prosecutor) to trial lawyer (27 years) in areas of criminal defense, personal injury, wrongful death, family law and civil rights litigation, and then most recently as a Circuit Court Judge, so I can certainly relate to opposing sides in all pending court cases.”

John’s commitment is unwavering in providing all families and individuals with only affordable resolutions to problems and disputes. In his words, “I offer mediation that allows for peace in your life almost immediately, while it costs you less than 10 cents on the dollar, as compared to incredibly expensive litigation that destroys not only your emotional and mental health, but also your physical health and financial health, aging you ten (10) years overnight.”

Another of John’s services is helping his clients find the right attorneys for their specific issue. Clients can also trust John to tell the truth at all times even when it is uncomfortable for all parties. This dedication to his work is obviously evidenced by the fact that Contini Solutions has successfully resolved all issues in 87% of cases it has handled to date. Contini Solutions currently provides mediation services in all areas of the law, including commercial or financial litigation situations, landlord vs tenant, foreclosure and other legal/real estate issues, legal issues dealing with divorce, child support and child custody issues, construction litigation or homeowner vs contractor disputes, conflicts with insurance companies, addiction/recovery, home improvement, immigration, and all other legal matters.

Helping people has always come naturally to former Judge John Patrick Contini, a trait he credits to his parents, Don Contini and Noreen Leahy. “Thank God, they had — and still have, huge hearts, both of them, each very compassionate, possessed of a real work ethic and integrity, very loving … devoted to family. They always were and always will be, phenomenal examples to me as to how to live and love.”

In addition, retired Judge John Contini counts himself incredibly blessed now to be uniquely capable of finessing the needed and creative solutions to most of the problems that plague human relationships. “I’m very privileged and blessed to have the opportunity to help people resolve their problems peacefully and quickly. This is a mission field of sorts, saving folks from ruining their health by fighting in court over many months or years, depleting all of their life’s savings in the process.” 

John grew up in both Boston and Cleveland before proceeding to college at the University of Massachusetts … and then law school later at New England Law School. John then became a prosecutor for four years beginning in 1983 before setting up his private business in 1987 as a criminal defense lawyer … His reputation for going the extra mile for his clients caused him to be sought after in high end wrongful death and personal injury cases too, allowing him to thrive as a trial attorney for 27 years. In August 2014 he was then elected as Broward County’s new Circuit Court Judge, spending two (2) years on the criminal bench, and then two (2) more years on the family court bench, ie, presiding over 10,000 cases per year.

In addition to being a mediator, John Contini is also an author, a business and life coach consultant, lay minister and ordained pastor, and a ghostwriter who is open to taking on book writing offers.