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John P. Contini became a Broward County prosecutor in 1983 and was a criminal defense attorney from 1987 to 2014. He then became Circuit Court Judge for the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit for Broward County, Florida, until he resigned in 2018 to become a mediator, and a consultant. He received his B.A. in 1979 from the University of Massachusetts and his Juris Doctor in 1983 from the New England School of Law. Among other professional associations, he was a member of the Florida and Massachusetts Bar Associations, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the Association of Trial Lawyers of America... until his transition to Author, Consultant, Life Coach, Mediator and Founder of Contini Solutions.


Every person has at least one book in them

We all have a story, every human being is unique and everybody has a unique journey. Everybody has experienced pain and love, and many other things in life. We all have a story that we would like to tell. I can help you. I can ghostwrite your book FOR you, or WITH you. I can help you tell your story. Let’s start with a free consultation.

Book Writing

Helping you become an Author

How we might work together to write YOUR book — if you want my help to get it done:
1st 1st
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You’ll spend approximately ten minutes a day sharing your thoughts and a couple of experiences with me (i.e. over the phone even) and I’ll then write several rough paragraphs THAT day — and they don't need to be well written at that point -- and your own thoughts do NOT necessarily need to be organized either; it’s good enough just to get the thoughts out of you like a purgation of sorts or a huge catharsis, and later on, I will rewrite what I wrote.

I’ll then add the transitional sentences between the paragraphs... and I’ll rewrite those time and again AFTER you've already dumped your bucket of thoughts and gotten everything out of you! [We do NOT even need an outline like some people like to suggest.]


Whatever you (we) write, we’ll follow the other old adage, “Don’t tell ‘em, show ‘em!" We'll stay away from a narrative; instead, we recreate the scene so the reader feels as though he or she is right there with you among the characters (akin to being a voyeur, a witness) in real time, as it’s happening — you’re then “showing” them what’s going on, AS it is going on; it’s not a narrative of you “telling” the readers about what happened earlier.

Also, if you’re remotely interested:

I write "in pieces" like famed author Stephen King said was his own style too; and then I get around to writing all the transitional paragraphs to connect those same pieces and stitch them together -- not as I go, but later, when your bucket of thoughts/experiences are entirely dumped and shared with me, and your purgation is over. "The art of writing is rewriting," the experts are fond of saying... and they also say, "Write what you know" and that's easy enough, since you lived it! You’ll talk and I’ll write the essence and quotes of what you say, and together we will write what you know.

Also, I hope you remember this:

"Always be honest" because readers will know if we’re not being entirely honest, and they are only moved by brutal honesty. Just know that it won't read true otherwise.

Don't write (or pay me to help write), to sell the book someday;

Instead, write because it feels good to "get it out of you"... and it's fun to be creative. Only later, when we rewrite rather creatively what we earlier wrote down ("the art of writing is rewriting," remember), you'll remember more thoughts and we will add those thoughts and experiences, and this we’ll do a few more times. The rewriting is something that can go on forever since "a book is never done," as “they” say; but "at some point you just have to stop writing."

If we only wrote a half a page (i.e., very rough, and not even writing complete sentences, and NOT edited as we go!) and ONLY a half a page a day, in a year we have your book!

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