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How divorce can affect your children's brain

Parental Time Sharing and Child Custody Mediation Services in Florida

As the mediator in any family law case involving parents and their dispute over “time sharing” with their children, I ask the lawyers to send each parent a Florida “time sharing” Statute in advance of the mediation – or I will send the same information to each parent if no lawyers are involved. [Florida Statute 61.13 (“parenting plan” and “parental time sharing” — what was once called “visitation” and “child custody”]

I have this sent to the parents in hopes that this will help them arrive at an agreed-upon “parenting plan,” and yet if they are not able to agree, this Statute will also help the parents to become familiar with each one of the important statutory factors that they will be asked to address.

Parental Time Sharing Mediation
Affordable, Compassionate, and Kind Mediation for parental time-sharing

How Conflict Resolution Works

I help parents to finally “make” their peace and share their kids, ie, when one parent had previously not been able to see the kids at all — given the sad fact that the other parent simply had a much more powerful, effective lawyer. I teach the parents about the MRI images of their kids’ developing brains… and what’s actually happening with the children, and how they are getting irreparably hurt, according to psychologists — and why the child will begin isolating and not going out for extra curricular activities, ie, soon withdrawing from others, their academic performance then plummeting, etc.

Most parental time-sharing matters can be resolved quickly and without the prohibitive expense of lawyers. Let me mediate the conflict and resolve it peacefully for you.

Why spend big money on expensive adversarial litigation and lawyers — adding ten years to your life virtually overnight, if it’s just not necessary.

You can mediate ANY dispute or conflict that you or your loved ones are experiencIng... and I’m here to help you do just that!

Let me assist you and provide you with a caring, affordable resolution with a minimum of stress and hassle.

Resolve the problem quickly and peacefully, while saving your money and your health!

Parental Time Sharing

Why litigate when you can mediate?

I’ve been thankfully successful quite often in helping the families to make this peace, whereby they each end up sharing the time quite evenly, at times “50-50” “peace in the valley” — “mom gets to win, dad gets to win, and best of all, the children get to win,” getting to spend more time with both parents.

We make peace in the family, where there is still money (savings!) left over for the child to eventually go to college, rather than litigating for many more months paying serious money to the lawyers. Those same funds should pay for their own child’s college education, and not for the lawyers’ kids.


Mediation over litigation, any day!

Make peace in the family.

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Litigation adds 10 years to your life, and even if you win, you and your children lose. Be gentle with yourself and your family — let me mediate your disputes at a fraction of the cost, allowing you to remain at peace and keep your savings and your emotional health too!

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Popular Questions

We have answers to common questions people ask

Three reasons: Mediation is fast, peaceful and inexpensive, and to be more specific:

First, your problem or dispute is resolved within weeks, or certainly MUCH quicker when you go with Mediation, as opposed to many months or even years of litigation;

Secondarily, your situation is resolved peacefully by Mediation without a lot of stress, versus the ugly and stressful toxicity of adversarial litigation which takes years off your life;

Thirdly, it is actually affordable to resolve your problem by Mediation. You can save a tremendous amount of money — as much as many thousands of dollars, by choosing the much more affordable route of Mediation (approximately 20 cents on the dollar), rather than going down that lengthy road of costly litigation.

It’s not even a close call — if you choose to file a lawsuit or decide to continue with that sort of litigation in court, the typical lawyers will charge you approximately $400 per hour, for each and every hour of the entire case... and common sense tells you, this is going to run you tens of thousands of dollars; whereas, the compassionate Mediators will charge only a fraction of an hourly rate, and like me, they will even work with the family to always adjust the small fee to make sure it is very affordable, consistent with the family’s financial plight or situation — and if that by itself was not great news... it gets better, that mediation will often secure a wonderful and peaceful result very quickly, or within weeks, so again, far less money and much more affordable.

It’s best to Mediate, for a few reasons.

You save an enormous amount of money, and you don’t age ten years overnight going through all the stress of toxic, ugly lengthy litigation fighting in court.

You should hang on to your family savings and spend as little as possible, to first do ALL you can to resolve your disputes or issues in a peaceful way with the help of a Mediator — this will give you peace and cause you little to no stress — at just a fraction of the cost of paying lawyers to fight in court throughout litigation.

It’s time to get back to living instead of litigating, and get this problem behind you immediately... so you can get on with your life.

Litigation ages you tremendously, it’s true, and so even if you win one day, you essentially lose... in life, with loss of savings, loss of peace and mental and emotional health, loss of serenity or any joy in your life, and losses you don’t even think about, for instance, other opportunities in life, and the list of losses only continues.

Be gentle with yourself — mediation for child custody lets you address your disputes at a fraction of the cost, allowing you to remain at peace and keep your savings and your health too!