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The virus has no shelf life as against the breath of God. When we breath in the breath of God, His Holy Spirit, we are at peace. We really need to NOT isolate and hide from one another right now. The virus is a pandemic, yes, but it’s not as contagious and destructive as the more dangerous pandemic of fear. We need to help one another and stay connected,  it’s the perfect time to talk about our need for, and success in, the extraordinary gift of “connection.” 

As for me, I will NOT charge a fee for connecting you or a loved one to another professional, or at times, to the right lawyer — assuming you even need one! 

Most problems in life can be resolved without the huge expense of litigation and lawyers; but if you truly DO need a lawyer, we’ll both know it, and then I’ll connect you right away to the ‘right’ lawyer — meaning, one who will go the “extra mile” (Matthew 5:41!) for you, who is not only affordable, smart and competent, but compassionate and kind too! I know who they are, since I was among them for 35 years in South Florida. It took me many years to find the flowers among the weeds, and why shouldn’t you benefit from that. Again, I will NOT charge you any fee for this connection, nor will I provide any legal advice as I’m now a mediator. It’s simply the right and kind thing to do. If I stay in support of your cause, it will only be if you would like for me to stay involved, and if the expert would also prefer to have my assistance as a mediator at some point, if agreed to by all of those involved.

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YOU know my past as a former criminal defense attorney (27 years!), handling accident and personal injury cases too — that was after my prosecutor days — and then most recently, my 4 years as a local Circuit Court Judge presiding over 1000’s thousands of felony /criminal cases, and then 1000’s thousands of divorce cases too … WHY is this helpful to you and your family and friends?

It’s simple — it’s fairly certain I can point you in the right direction if you have any questions about our court system, or if you questioned who your lawyer ought to be, or whether you even need (?) a lawyer — and this is equally true for the other professions and not just the legal arena — it applies just the same way to disputes with (or any questions about) contractors, realtors, insurance agents, the addiction and/or treatment center and recovery folks, counselors, or any other vocation.  I’m able to immediately help you, simply for having had the ‘up close’ opportunity as a former Judge, to see the best of the best in action, to see which ones were hard working, and also the most affordable, and who was most sincere, who went that extra mile, you know, the ones who did what they said they’d do, the smartest ones too — better said, the ones you’d recommend to others, and this equally applies to every arena I mentioned. THEREFORE:

You KNOW that “I” will know, the right person with whom I ought to connect you — and as I said before, I’ll stay with you (and anyone else in support of your cause) until you’re finally relaxed … the problem then resolved. 

MEDIATION: Know that you can also keep me as the “mediator” in most of the cases.  It’s wonderful to help out again as a mediator — it’s truly more rewarding or fun being a “peacemaker” now, than when I tried to help people in my former (more limiting) role as Judge in those 1000’s of cases. [Speaking of “peacemakers” … I really should give the proper attribution: “Blessed be the peacemakers.” — Jesus, the Christ, as recorded in Matthew 5:9] Thankfully, mediation has now proven to be most effective and VERY affordable, unlike litigation, especially  in helping many of the warring parents in the divorce and child custody (“time sharing”) cases. HOW?

The parents in the divorce cases are so relieved, when we help to quickly end their historically ugly, destructive war, even if they belatedly make peace only for the sake of the children — and yet the truth is, they are then blessed with their own peace as well! The real peace we make, reverses an insidious dynamic of destruction, ie, they stop destroying each other’s lives, and the result? They no longer destroy their own life — and in the process of that mix, the children are finally given a real chance at life. It’s a blessing to NOT be part of the “problem” (ie, the toxicity of litigation bloodbath in the courthouse), and instead to be an instrumental part of the “solution!” AGAIN:

You can ALWAYS call me anytime you have a question or any concern at all — and I’d be truly blessed to help you and remember, as much as mean-spirited people try to hurt you in this life, they can NEVER win, ie, since they cannot take away your knowledge and they cannot strip you of your serenity — if you just quietly insist on keeping it.

My cell again is 954.937.3134. And I meant what I said, call me anytime and I’ll make it a point to help you and your friends and family as much as I can!

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I am offering to help all of you who call me, for free — no expense whatsoever to you and your family. This is the least I can do until this crisis is over God willing. Most of you on FB know me as a second 2nd chance man when I was a Judge,  and a former trial lawyer before all that — and truth be told, nothing has changed except the judicial robe I once wore … and the fact that I’m a Mediator and a facilitator in connecting you to the right compassionate people — it’s my basic disposition and heart (still!), to do ALL that I can to ensure that people get their 2nd chance in life to make things right — and I still want this. Please feel free to call me anytime on my cell @ 954.937.3134, and let’s now see what we can do to help you and your family, ok? This is a very critical time when we must ALL come together to help one another, and get through this ugly and uncertain time as one big family. Our Heavenly Father expects us to do this, I believe, to each do our individual part — to care about one another, if only for our hearts to be revealed … and I truly believe that if we DO this, He will then bless us with yet another undeserved second 2nd chance at life. Call me on my cell @ 954.937.3134

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Lawyer referral services are a lot like “dating sites” (I’m told?), not helpful in actually assisting you in the choosing of just the right person or lawyer. You’re still left on your own … stuck trying to determine if the possible lawyers are anything at all like they say on their websites. Those pricey lawyer referral services simply compile the list of eligible candidates in one very large data base — like dating sites, and then it’s still up to YOU to browse and then choose the one you’d like to meet based on what you hope is true, ie, what the candidates say about themselves — whether they perhaps sell you on their overall appearance (?) or whatever else they represent about their abilities, etc. But …The SMART and better way to go: 954.937.3134

ONLY a former JUDGE would know all the things you need to know, in order to make the more informed decision now in choosing the right lawyer in a unique case like yours. That former Judge is uniquely positioned to experientially KNOW the character and ability of the various lawyers, given the fact that the Judge observed ALL of these lawyers over many years in the courtroom. Why shouldn’t YOU capitalize on all that experience and knowledge, especially when you can have it at no expense? 

It’s only right — ie, a ministry of sorts to me, to give you my opinion and help you select the right (most compassionate and competent and affordable) lawyer for your unique situation — and for only the several moments it’ll take me to just listen to your situation, I will NOT charge you money like all of the lawyer referral services are doing — You have choices: You might decide to retain me in ANY one of three (3) other ways •BUT• only •IF you and your lawyer so choose — no obligation at all.


You or the selected lawyer can always decide to retain me (for only a small fee) to coordinate the paralegal services or investigative services — or both; or perhaps later, you may choose to select me as the Mediator in the case … so long as the other side of the conflict agrees to this after full disclosure, and waives any perceived conflict. [I’ve been blessed with an 88% “success rate,” “all issues resolved,” in the last twentysix (26) mediations to date.] But in any and all cases, the best news: There is no obligation whatsoever to pay me in any capacity at all — and I will STILL be more than happy to share with you all my contacts, i.e., for example, who would be best for you and your family in your unique situation … in my opinion. Call me when you, and anyone else you care about, are in need of help, or have a question. compress image 4

WHY it is safer and makes much more sense, to have a former Judge educating you on WHICH lawyer is best for you:

Think about it … choosing the right lawyer can be a challenge, not unlike finding the right contractor for your home, if only for home improvements. [Do you just look at fancy websites, or only talk with some referral service, or do you also talk with other people in the construction business who you trust, other General Contractors and subcontractors who KNOW the very best workers, and most honest home repair contractors?] In either situation:

You should get recommendations from those “IN THE KNOW,” quality people who experientially know from working daily in the system, who you ought to choose — and when it involves the legal system, only former Judges like John are uniquely positioned to know the best of the best lawyers, ie, those with a real work ethic, who are honest and actually finish as strongly as they start, the right lawyer for your special situation, and just as important, those who are affordable at the same time. John’s experience with knowing just the right lawyers, was perfected over 30 years as a trial lawyer before his election as a Judge, experiencing the good ones and the bad alike. “I had to go through many weeds to find the flowers, so to speak.” 

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Let me help you find the right lawyer ONLY if you actually need one. As a former Judge, I can tell you straight up — You may not need a lawyer. Most problems in life can be resolved without lawyers. We may be able to resolve your dispute or problem by mediation or some other quicker way that will save you and your family many thousands of dollars, while also guarding your mental and emotional health and serenity too! If it’s absolutely necessary for you to have a lawyer, I’ll be the first to tell you. I know the most compassionate and hard-working, honest, and affordable lawyers in every area of the law, and I’ll happily share that information with you at no expense. Either way, I enjoy helping families.

I’m available to meet with you (or speak with you if you cannot travel), and given my knowledge of the best lawyers in each area of the law, I’m at best and most informed position to connect you immediately with the right lawyer and other expert help…

Let me connect you to the best and most caring professionals in these other important areas:

– All Legal Matters

– Financial Situations

– Addiction / Recovery

– Real Estate

– Construction

– Home Improvement

– Insurance

– Immigration

ONLY a former JUDGE would know all the things you need to know, in order to make a more informed decision in choosing the right lawyer in a unique case like yours. That former Judge is uniquely positioned to experientially KNOW the character and ability of the various lawyers, given the fact that the Judge observed all of these lawyers over many years in the courtroom.

Why shouldn’t YOU capitalize on all that experience and knowledge, at no expense?