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when choosing the RIGHT lawyer, you cannot afford to be wrong

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Why am I doing this? – Over my career as a former trial lawyer and Circuit Court Judge in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, I witnessed WAY too much pain. It drove me to find a better way to serve people. My 27-year history as a State and Federal trial lawyer is now of REAL benefit to you — same with all my early years and experience as a State prosecutor, and then most recently as a Circuit Court Judge. What a tremendous waste of knowledge, experience, and contacts, if not shared with you and yours when it’s helpful and needed.

Former Broward Judge John Contini
I'll connect you to the right lawyer

How It Works

In my former capacity as a trial lawyer and trial judge over the past 30 years, I’ve seen the best (and worst) of humanity. I know those who care and get it done with a minimum of hassle and cost. They’re true top-notch experts. But more important than just their credentials: their integrity and compassion.

People come to me when they’re in a jam, and I connect them with the right experts (ie, lawyers, paralegals, investigators, or addiction specialists) I’ve worked closely with over the years — dedicated men and women who are competent, compassionate, and affordable. But this isn’t a referral service where I outsource and go away. I will stay engaged, right by your side (if you’d like) until the situation is put to bed.

Honest & Straightforward

You can always get an informative, transparent, and accurate, straight answer from me.

Professional Help

If you call me with any question or concern — no matter how big or small, I’ll help.

Save Money

I’ll help you by spearheading and coordinating the best use of paralegal and investigative services for the shortest money — saving you and your family a fortune in litigation and lawyer fees!

Dedicated Support

I will make it a point to share with you ALL that I know, and my contacts too, to be of help to you and yours as much as I can!


believe in one thing–that only a life lived for others is a life worth living.

– Albert Einstein

I believe in one thing–that only a life lived for others is a life worth living.

– Albert Einstein

I am convinced of the truthfulness of these principles:

What do we live for, if not to make life less difficult for each other – George Eliot

I will not charge you money or any referral fee when connecting you to kinder lawyers who will help you for less money— assuming you even need one.

I won’t participate or share in those lawyers’ reduced fees, if I do connect you with the lawyer. The skeptics and the jaded pessimists will cynically ask, “Then what’s in it for you?” That’s an easy one — the good feeling of being involved in a ministry or mission field of sorts, knowing I helped you or your loved ones who are hurting, ie, Christ Himself makes clear that “it’s more blessed to give, than to receive.” Solomon, 1000 years B.C., said it similarly: “A generous man will himself be blessed.” — Proverbs 22:9 … and it’s true:

I’m the one being blessed — even more than you, if I can help you get needed, affordable help by a kinder lawyer. Sometimes the lawyers refer mediation cases to me, and yes, that’s also a blessing to me, ie, although they are not expected to do this. There is no quid pro quo — it’s only that mutual respect we share. It’s also an absolute truth, what Einstein and George Eliot (Mary Ashton) are saying here: — John Contini, mediator, retired Circuit Court Judge

I can give you this helpful insider-like perspective

Your First Call,
Not Your Last Resort

My 30 years in the legal system as a judge and trial lawyer, gave me the right contacts and experience to now be of help to you — even if that help is simply directing you and and your loved ones to the right lawyer (a caring, compassionate and affordable lawyer!) or paralegal and investigator — and the same with any counselors or addiction specialists — and given my expertise and history for 35+ years in the justice system, I am available to spearhead and coordinate and oversee any appropriate services to help you best. I will connect you to the best and most caring professionals in these other important areas of:

All Legal Matters

Financial Situations

Addiction / Recovery

Real Estate


Home Improvement



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Connecting you with counsel IF you need legal counsel, AT NO EXPENSE

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Popular Questions

We have answers to common questions people ask

No. You’ll find a lot of nice lawyer websites and read wonderful things each lawyer says about themselves, and what they can do for you... but answer the obvious question yourself — do you just believe all this, simply because they say these things about themselves? You know nothing from experience about their character or if they truly have a reputation for being honest and hard working and able to perform well as a lawyer.

Some honest lawyers in the legal system might give you the right names IF they are practicing in a separate or distinct area of the law — but why not get the answer from a former Judge who presided over all the lawyers, i.e. who can tell you all you need to know about all of them... Only Judges know WHICH lawyers are hard working and honest and capable in each area of the law. I was, in fact, one of those Judges, so I know the right lawyer for you. You would be arrogant or certainly far less than intelligent, if you did not think to ask a former Judge WHICH lawyers would be best for you in your unique situation — especially if the answer was given without an expense or fee.

Because it’s the right thing to do, and it only takes me a few minutes to know which lawyers would be best for you in your unique situation, once you share with me your story. It would not be right to charge you for only listening to you for a few minutes, and to quickly give you my informed knowledge as to which lawyers would be right for you...

I’ll get paid later on as your mediator, IF you and your lawyer eventually decide to opt for Mediation and hire me as your mediator. That’s enough... a real blessing in itself.

As a former trial lawyer and Circuit Court Judge, I can honestly say that most problems in life can be resolved without a lawyer - and yet if you DO need a lawyer, I will certainly KNOW it, and will of course then connect you at no expense to the RIGHT lawyer; and frankly:

The "right" lawyer is one who has expertise in that specific involved area of the law, i.e., an attorney who is affordable, competent, compassionate and kind!