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Former Judge John Patrick Contini Offers Mediation Services

Former Broward Judge John Patrick Contini of Contini Solutions is offering his mediating services to the general public. The former Circuit Court Judge and trial lawyer is bringing his wealth of experience to help his clients successfully resolve any type of conflict.

It is common knowledge that conflict is an inevitable part of life.

Former Judge John Patrick Contini

Despite the many best efforts of humans to eliminate or significantly reduce its presence, it still shows up in many ways. Most people tend to shy away from conflicts and for good reasons.

Studies have linked conflicts to negative effects like soured relationships, low productivity, resentments, and even ill-health. However, these disadvantages only happen when conflict is handled the wrong way.

Employing the services of a professional mediator like Former Judge Contini can go a long way in bringing any conflict to a satisfactory end.

John Contini, founder of Contini Solutions

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Contini Solutions is a company offering mediation services to the public. Contini is stepping into his new role as a mediator after a 30-year illustrious career as a former Circuit Court Judge and trial lawyer.

John began specializing in the mediation of family law cases — yet after the unprecedented rate in those cases began reverberating all throughout the South Florida legal community, he was then asked by more and more commercial litigation, real estate litigation, and probate litigation lawyers, to handle their business and real state and probate litigation cases, ie, people fighting in court over the ownership of buildings, businesses, and inheritances. To date, he has achieved the same 89% success rate in those cases as well.  Now, he is called upon as the go-to mediator in all types of legal disputes, regardless of the area of the law.

According to the many dozens of lawyers and litigants who have now posted google reviews attesting to their experiences with John Contini as their mediator to date, this legal background makes him stand out from other mediators and enables him to offer superior services to his clients.

“I have been on all sides of the equation from Assistant State Attorney (prosecutor) to trial lawyer (27 years) in the areas of criminal defense, personal injury, wrongful death, family law and civil rights litigation, and most recently as a Circuit Court Judge presiding over many thousands of divorce cases, so I can certainly relate to both sides in almost all cases.”

Contini has had 184 mediations over the last several months resulting in 160 full settlements and only 24 at an impasse, an unprecedented 89% success rate.

Mediation Beginnings

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Getting into mediation after his official retirement in 2018 as a Circuit Court Judge was a no-brainer for John Contini. His passion has always been to help people safely navigate the confusing maze of the legal system. Thus, he saw mediation as another way of pursuing his passion even as a retired legal luminary. This has led to the establishment of Contini Solutions which the now mediator oversees.

Contini Solutions mediates in various service areas

Former Judge John Contini Resolve your problem peacefully

Contini Solution’s services include mediation in areas including financial situations, real estate, construction, addiction/recovery, insurance, home improvement, immigration, and all legal matters.

Sharing his thoughts on his new role, the Former Broward County Judge says, “I feel blessed to have the opportunity to help people resolve their problems peacefully and quickly. This is a privilege, I know, and it is a mission of sorts, saving them from depleting all their savings and ruining their health by fighting in court over too many months or years.”

Former Judge John Patrick Contini also offers more insight into his mediating services.

Former Judge John Patrick Contini

“I’m unapologetic about helping my clients select the right lawyer for their unique situation, and for this kindness, I will not charge a fee like lawyer referral services will do. To save a lot of money, many people retain me as the mediator in their case or they decide to retain me to stay with a lawyer I recommend—to work closely with the lawyer, spearheading the paralegal and investigative services at a much lower rate than the higher rates charged by lawyers. This is always the client’s option or choice. The additional good news is that I will only connect my clients and their families with a very caring, competent, and affordable lawyer.”

John is a man that wears many hats. Apart from being a mediator, he is also a business and life coach consultant, lay minister/pastor, author and ghostwriter who is open to taking on book writing offers.

Former Broward Judge Contini Takes His Compassionate Approach From The Judge’s Seat To The Role Of Mediator

Former Judge John Contini

Former Broward Judge J. P. Contini has been both criticized and praised for his human compassion and empathy for those who found themselves in his courtroom. Now an author and mediator, he continues to aid the people he knows need help by keeping them out of another judge’s courtroom.

The criminal justice and courtroom systems aren’t systems that are well known for feeling empathy for those who find themselves caught up in a case. Yet, so many could benefit from a judge who feels sympathy and human kindness for their plight.

The Former Broward Judge was one of those judges.

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His approach was fair yet empathic, just yet with grace. This has led him to continue working to help people after he left his seat as a judge. He now provides much-needed mediation for those who need it, and in fact, he is now the most successful mediator in South Florida, at a 90% success rate overall in helping litigants and their lawyers to settle their cases.

Former Broward Judge John Patrick Contini’s Story

John Contini

Contini won his seat in 2014, following decades of work as a criminal defense lawyer. His unique perspective and history of defending those who needed it aided him in taking on each case with compassion and kindness.

Many people spoke out about how his approach changed the course of their future, especially those in the LGBTQ+ community. He was praised by a local nonprofit, SunServe, for his incredible service and respect.

Following his retirement from his role as a judge, Contini continued to speak out about the need for compassion, defending another judge who found herself being scrutinized for a high-profile case that resulted in the safety of her own family being called into question.

“Judges can’t be human now? I disagree,” Contini said when asked about this situation. “Leave her alone. Judges today work in a fishbowl. You’re walking on eggshells. Frightened of the JQC, frightened of the lawyers. God forbid a judge shows any modicum of sensitivity, compassion, and empathy. That would be comical if it wasn’t so sad.”

Contini’s Journey as a Mediator

John P. Contini  Contini has taken his work a step further, pursuing his passion for helping others by beginning a journey as a mediator and author. As a mediator, he strives to help people keep out of the courtroom, settling civil matters without the huge stress of expensive and adversarial litigation before Judges over months in court.

“All families, just like yours and mine, encounter issues and problems in life — and we know the heartfelt truth — When someone in the family has a problem, the whole family has a problem!” Contini says.

He can also recognize, based on over 35 years of experience, when it is time to get connected with a lawyer. With his experience, he also ensures that the right lawyer is found to prevent issues moving forward as he continues to help all the lawyers and litigants achieve the needed peace, closure and settlements, ie, hired by both sides to act as the mediator on their behalf.


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If all judges and all members of the legal system could find even a piece of the human kindness Former Broward Judge Contini has shown, it would be a much better place for those who find themselves in situations involving the courts.

Contini has dedicated his life to fairness and empathic approaches, and he will continue to do so in the future.

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