How To Choose the Rigth Lawyer?

John P. Contini

How to Choose the Right Lawyer

Hi, I’m John Contini!

As a former Judge, I can tell you what the judge in your case will be looking for or considering when making a decision in your case. I can give you this helpful insider-like perspective as to what the Judges today are interested in seeing and hearing, only because I was one of them — and though I won’t give you legal advice, I can do one better: I can give you that needed perspective as to what your Judge will want and need to see and hear, before deciding whether to rule in your favor. I am uniquely positioned to connect you with the right lawyer for your situation and I’ll simply share this knowledge with you at no charge, just to be of help to you.

Choosing the right lawyer can be a challenge, not unlike finding the right contractor for your home, if only for home improvements. Do you simply look at fancy websites, or talk with a referral service, or do you also talk with other people in the construction business who you trust, other General Contractors and subcontractors who KNOW the very best workers, and most honest home repair contractors?

Lawyer referral services are like dating sites, I’m told — not active in helping you choose the right person or lawyer. Those sites simply compile the list of eligible candidates in one very large database, and then it’s up to YOU to browse and choose the one you’d like to meet based on what the candidates say about themselves, whether they sell you on their overall appearance or whatever else they represent about their abilities, etc.

Why risk choosing a lawyer rather blindly (based on a google website search, or what a friend tells you?) when you can know the best lawyer for your situation from the Judge who presided over ALL the lawyers!

The simple truth is, when you retain, say, a personal injury lawyer and he or she files lawsuit too early, the lawyer fees increase or jump up as high as forty (40%) of your eventual settlement amount or recovery.

If you call me first, I will connect you to the honest and competent caring lawyers who will NOT file suit this quickly; instead, they will look to YOUR best interests and hold off on filing that lawsuit so fast, as they first negotiate with the insurance carrier’s adjusters and lawyers — or pursue mediation first, keeping the lawyer fees and percentage of your recovery at the lower amount, and this can be negotiated lower too, rather than you inappropriately getting stuck with giving away 40% of your injury and loss amount, to the lawyer.

On the other hand, criminal cases are not like “civil” cases, wherein people fight over property or children or money — criminal cases (arrest and prosecution) are all about a person’s liberty, whether they will be arrested and locked up and lose their freedom or not, so they don’t typically have mediation as a viable alternative like all “civil” cases … BUT this is NOT to suggest that the criminal cases cannot be “mediated” or ameliorated and tremendously minimized or even avoided altogether, by the same or similar methods as employed in mediation or peacemaking efforts earlier on in the equation.

How can we help with ameliorating, minimizing or avoiding altogether, the criminal charges? Easy … but ONLY if you call and get us involved right away when you KNOW there will be a problem, and it’s coming at you. Call me then, so we can ensure that’s you are connected with the RIGHT help immediately, at much less expense to you financially, and emotionally too — and to maximize your chances of avoiding much bigger problems involving your freedom and liberty too.