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John Contini – Kids’ brains being destroyed. – “Make peace, not war!” 

John Contini’s thoughts about parents unknowingly destroying their kids’ brains, due to divorce. John is a Former Judge & Trial Lawyer – now Mediator and Author living in Fort Lauderdale, FL.
Hi, I’m John Contini, I’m a mediator, I used to be a judge in Broward County in divorce cases handled 40 a day that’s 200 for the week 800 for the month that’s 10,000 for the year. In most of those cases, the children were getting hurt terribly as the parents were fighting over what they called time-sharing, what used to be called custody or visitation, and we learned from forensic psychiatrists at judges college, believe it or not, they would show us the MRI images of the children’s brain starting at age four and with the permission of the lawyers, I would share with the parents what we’re noticing and I would show them the images where you can see a third of the brain is hyper-developed that dealt with fight or flight when they’re scared, that section of the brain they’re hearing the parents fighting over pick up and drop off times, that gets bigger like a muscle you can see it; the other two sections of the brain that dealt with logic and reason and ability to control emotions, they were underdeveloped as a consequence of the hyper development of that one section that dealt with fear. When I would show the parents these images they would cry, they would begin to look at each other with empathy and I would say “it’s not your fault you didn’t know but now that you know, would you like a few minutes in the hall with your lawyers?” And this is after three years of litigation coming in with armed deputies, they’re not even looking at each other, all of a sudden now they’re showing empathy and looking at one another and weeping, they would take up my offer to go out in the hallway and speak with their lawyers… Sure enough, 30 minutes later they would come back in, they worked it out 50-50 or equal time-sharing, mom gets to win, dad gets to win, most importantly, the children are winning again, so it was peace in the valley. That’s what a mediator can do, I was doing that on the bench, I do that now for a living. Call me BEFORE you hire a lawyer, before you have all that fighting and spend all that savings, all that money gone, call me first, as a mediator, John Contini 954 937 3134. Let me help you and your family, thank you.

John Contini – Florida’s Broken Court System – Why litigate when you can mediate?

Why litigate when you can mediate? John Contini, Former Judge/trial lawyer reveals the real TRUTH about the Court system in Florida.
Hi, I’m John Contini, I’m a mediator, call me at 954-937-3134. Our court system is so broken beyond measure. I’ll give you one example why it is you want to call me so I can direct you to where you need to go. Why is it broken? Why am I saying Broward County, our court system, here, Fort Lauderdale, South Florida is so broken beyond repair? We lead the world, not just Florida, not just the country, we lead the world in prison population per capita, fancy words for percentage-wise locking our people up. If we have 10 people in Fort Lauderdale or Broward County, more of those people are locked up than 10 other people anywhere else on planet earth, how can I say this? 67 counties in Florida, Broward County is number one for locking our people up per capita percentage-wise. Florida just passed California, Texas, and New York for number one in the country per capita for locking our people up and the U.S. just passed China for number one in the world per capita percentage-wise locking our people up, do the math like a syllogism if a=b and b=c, therefore a=c. In Broward County, we lock up more people in all 67 counties in Florida, Florida locks up more of our people than California, Texas, New York, all the states number one in the country and now the country is number one in the world. If that’s not a broken court system what is? Call me, John Contini, I can help you direct you to the right lawyer, obviously in a criminal case you’re going to need a lawyer, most crimes, yes, you’re going to need a lawyer, but most other problems in life, most all other problems in life you don’t need a lawyer. If you do I’ll know it, certainly and I’ll direct you to the right lawyer. I’m not going to charge you for that, I want to do my part to help contribute to a solution. We have to quit talking about the problem and let’s talk about the solution, I’m a mediator I can help resolve most of your problems in life, call me, John Contini, 954-937-3134, thank you.

“Mediation over litigation any day!” – Former Judge John Contini giving you truth


Why litigate when you can mediate? Mediation is much more affordable — quite inexpensive as compared to lengthy and toxic litigation and fees for expensive lawyers.
You can save many tens of thousands of dollars and years of your life too — if that were not motivation enough, it’s also true that mediation resolves almost all problems in life rather peacefully and quickly too.
I’m John Contini, I’m a former Judge, most of you know me as a mediator too. Well, you also have friends and family or you yourselves have already experienced the courthouse expense of lawyers, litigation, you know how painful and expensive and sad and long and ugly and toxic that can be. Most problems in life you don’t need all that, you don’t need lawyers or litigation. Most problems, 90% of them, in life can be resolved peacefully, amicably through mediation, that’s what I do now. As a former Judge, I can tell you, mediation over litigation, any day. It’s much healthier for you, it’s out of your life within weeks, for very little money, and it’s peaceful. Call me, John Contini, anytime, I’ll give you my cell 954 937 3134, I would absolutely love to help you and your family. Thank you, God bless you.